• EXILE’s news since May 2010

    So here’s some news from different sources about EXILE since the tax evasion news. Now that I think about it, the tax thingy was solved so quickly nobody talks about it anymore… I guess this is good, ne? ^^;;


    "Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru" wins 19th Japan Movie Critics Awards (May 9)
    "Kiseki" ranks #1 in royalties for 2009 (May 19)
    MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010 (May 30)
    Charts: Kaela Kimura, EXILE (Jun 16)
    Saki Aibu to attend movie screening in Los Angeles (Jun 17)
    EXILE does "Umizaru" theme song (Jun 24)
    Four ’70s stars form new unit (Jul 6)
    EXILE to host prime time show (Jul 7)
    EXILE to revive J Soul Brothers with new members (Jul 19)

    EXILE Keep Impressing With Continuous Ranking of Their New Single! (Jun 14)
    EXILE Mobilizing the Most People in Their History with their First Stadium Tour! (Jul 9)

    EXILE Celebrates Its Ten-Year Anniversary By Releasing A Single For Two Months In A Row! (Jul 21)

    If there’s any news I missed, please let me know ^^

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  • Grand Prix and Variety Shows

    • Congratulations to EXILE for winning the Grand Prix on Best Hit Kayousai last Thursday, November 27. They performed 2 songs; Super Shine for the presentation of the Gold Artists awardees and Ti Amo after the Grand Prix Award. It is EXILE’s 3rd time to win the same award (2003 and 2004)
    • EXILE will perform at 41st Japan Yusen Taisho on December 17 as one of the Gold Awardees. The grand prix winner will be selected during the show.
    • Aside from attending on variety shows, EXILE will have their own document-variety show starting January 10, 2009 called “EXILE GENERATION”. The show will feature different guests. They will also have some various music performances.

      According to Hiro, the concept of the new show came from the Perfect Year concept that he wants EXILE to do something that will exceed what the Perfect Year campaign done on 2008 for 2009.

      The show will air on NTV. EXILE is the first non-JE group to have their own document-variety show. (Source: Nikkan Sports)

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  • Image model, Dance Special Guest, Rumor Drama Song and TV performance

    • ATSUSHI was chosen to be the new image model of Italian sunglass brand, Police. Starting October 2008, Atsushi’s image will start appearing on campaign ads of Police sunglass which can be seen on department stores and eyewear shops. (Credits: EXfamily Official Site)
    • USA will be the Special Guest for Gatsby Styling Dance Contest. The participants of the dance contest will come from 7 Asian countries (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan). The participants are all students from high schools, universities and vocational schools from the 7 Asian countries. USA has been always promoting his Dance Earth plan which he said that all people are connected through dance despite of the language barrier. The dance contest recruitment / auditions will begin on September and selection of participants from each country will be on November while the contest proper/finals will be on February 2009 (Credits: Web DeView)
    • It is rumored on some Mixi EXILE communities that EXILE will be singing the theme song of Innocent Love (starring Horikita Maki and Kitagawa Yujin (Yuzu)). Horikita Maki is a known fan of EXILE. It is still a rumor so stay tune for future updates. The drama will start airing on October.
    • ATSUSHI and AI will be performing on Music Station on September 12. They will perform So Special ~AI Version~
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  • EXILE Showcase Live 2008

    Aside from the scheduled dome tour on December, EXILE added another series of live tour. This time the live tour will a hall live tour.

    Here is the schedule of their hall tour which will be held on October.

    10/02 – Kanagawa
    10/05 – Wakayama
    10/07 – Saga
    10/16 – Kagawa
    10/18 – Totori
    10/21 – Fukui
    10/24 – Gunma
    10/28 – Aomori


    Also on a side note since I don’t want to make a new post, Lovers Again will be used as one of the songs for Avex Musical which is entitled: “Kokoro no Kakera” starring YU-KI (TRF), Ami Suzuki, Nishijima Takahiro, etc… The musical is part of the special for Avex 20th Anniversary.

    Credits: Kokoro no Kakera musical official page

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  • Collaborations and TV and movie appearances

    > Mitamon News Clip of Atsushi x AI So Special -EX Version- (I think it’s safe to assume that the PV for this song will be a studio version)

    [dailymotion id=x631kc]

    > Matsu will be featured on COLOR’s Just a little bit PV with Hiranuma while Makidai will be on Ain’t so Easy PV. Both videos will be released with COLOR’s Black album as part of the CD+DVD package

    > EXILE’s TV appearances

    • 7/14 – Hey Hey Hey! Music Champ: EXILE’s Summer Shine
    • 7/15 – Mezamashi’s 15th anniversary special
    • 7/18 – Music Station
    • 7/26 – Music Fair
    • 7/26 – NHK Natsu Uta : 24 karats with Doberman Inc.

    > After Akira’s stint in Hana Yori Dango Final movie, he will be one of the cast for Yamagata Scream. The movie will be on theaters next year. Included in the cast list is the young actress Narumi Riko.


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