• J Soul Brothers x ABC Mart CMs

    VANS Boots Sneaker



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  • FLOWER’s [Still]: A closer look into the photobook

    I finally received my copy of FLOWER’s debut single [Still} + EXILE’s Rising Sun”

    I promised some friends I’ll post pics of the photobook. Here they are (sorry for the bad quality. My phone camera is much better than my crappy home scanner XP)



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  • The Next Door digital song on sale and blog news

    Hi guys! After a long time of being lazy, I changed the layout for this blog. Sorry for having an EXILE-less layout as I’m getting lazier to design one XD Anyway, I just want to say that this blog is not yet dead. Although we already have the forum, but this blog is still the first home for EXILE overseas fans (desu yo ne?)

    Also I posted because EXILE LOVE blog has a new staff who will regularly update the news. moshmoshi will be in-charge of providing EXILE news on this blog (don’t worry I’ll still be around)

    Please support EXILE on their digital sales by buying their songs either on iTunes or musico.jp. I posted a guide on how to purchase so yeah it won’t be hard to give out 400 yen for them.


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  • EXILE news and blog matters

    I’m sorry for not updating this blog for a month now. I know that there a lot of stuff that happened with EXILE.

    So here are some news about EXILE

    • EXILE’s new song, The Next Door will have 2 versions; Japanese and English. The English version of the song (The Next Door – Indestructible) will be released and on sale on 22 iTunes store while the Japanese version will be available exclusively on Japanese iTunes store. The Next Door is the theme song of Street Fighter 4 Xbox and PS3 games released worldwide.
    • EXILE will be releasing a limited box edition of their 3 best albums entitled Perfect Best 2008. The limited box edition will be released on March 25
    • Also EXILE will be releasing their Perfect Dome Live Tour DVD on March 18


    I’m currently looking for someone who will be able to update this blog regularly (more than I do).  The only requirement I’m looking for the staff for this blog is someone who will be able to post regularly EXILE news. WordPress has a beginner’s interface so no need for special skills

    If you are interested, you can comment here or send me a mail at witchblade.eaxis@gmail.com

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  • Now Launching….

    Here’s the first surprise for the anniversary of this blog. We realized that the EXILE Overseas fans are slowly increasing (and well not all of us understands Chinese) so we thought that it will be good if we have some place to discuss, share and squeal with our EXILE fandom. With this thought, we came up an idea to set up a forum for all of us.


    We are now launching the EXILE Fantasy Land Forum! It will be linked to this blog as one stop place for everything for EXILE.

    The forum is not yet fully setup but we do hope many people will participate to make it active. You can already start registering and posting. See you there!


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