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    Role: Webmistress of EXILE LOVE and EXILE Fantasy Land Forum now LDH fansite.
    Favorite EXILE member: ATSUSHI <3 I worship the guy :P
    Favorite EXILE songs: I’m into ballads… I could play those all day.
    How did she discover EXILE?: Watched Black Jack >> loved careless breath >> searched the group >> became an immediate fan.

    Role: Former webmistress and Project Manager for EXsub
    Favorite EXILE member: Takahiro (a self proclaimed wife of Takahiro)
    Favorite EXILE songs: All of EXILE’s R&B-ish songs + selected ballads (Heart of Gold, Tada Aitakute, Eien and Michi)
    How did she discover EXILE?: Through a-nation 2004 and saw them perform “Heart of Gold” and the interest was revived when she saw Takahiro on Vocal Battle Audition first stage.

    Role: Editor
    Favorite EXILE member: Takahiro
    Favorite EXILE songs: Kimi ga Iru Kara & Tada Aitakute, Michi, Touch The Sky
    How did she discover EXILE?: At first I didn’t notice EXILE, even though I have their PVs. But out from no where suddenly they caught my eyes, and Takahiro stole my heart… then I realized that I already became their fans. But I started to love them very much when I heard ‘Kimi ga Iru Kara’.

    Role: Translator
    Favorite EXILE member: It’s so hard to choose, right?? But since there can be only one… A-chan !! (Atsushi)
    Favorite EXILE songs: Again, so many >.< It’d be easier to list the ones I don’t favorite… From the more upbeat ones to ballads, I love them all, both chapter 1 and 2. My favorite album so far is EXILE EVOLUTION though.
    How did she discover EXILE?: Guess it was when listening to “Carry On” back in 2004 after downloading the single. I was working hard in college at the time and listening to “Carry On”… Well, it was meaningful^^

    Role: Editor
    Favorite EXILE member: ATSUSHI … my atchan!!!
    Favorite EXILE songs: LDH (Love, Dream and Happiness), Unmei no hito, Over, My Fantasy, One Love, Ti Amo and many more …
    How did she discover EXILE?: Just recently coz I started listening J-POP last year..One day in Dec, I heard that WHAM’s cover ‘Last Christmas’ was on top Oricon chart. So, I looked for it and got the whole EXILE BALLAD BEST. Then, my life changed literally …now my life would suck without EXILE ^^

    Past Staffs:

    Thanks for all EX-IT past staffs: hotSUSHI, akapiryu, makira, fobbiyo, yuuka, Renna. Without you guys, this blog/fansub group will not be as it is without your help.

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