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  • Various News

    Popular group EXILE has been chosen to perform in the ‘China-Japan-Korea Music Festival‘ atBeijing National Stadium on September 25th.

    In the past, EXILE has held press conferences and TV performances in Hong Kong, but this will be their first overseas live. Not much information has been revealed yet, but they are scheduled to appear during the opening, making them the first Japanese artist to perform at the ‘Tori no Su’.

    This music festival will be held to commemorate the 40 years of friendship between China and Japan, and the 20 years of friendship between China and Korea, thus deepening the culture exchange between the three countries. EXILE was invited by the organizers as the music group to represent Japan.

    Leader HIRO expressed his ambition by saying, “Given the responsibility as Japan’s representatives, we will give our best performance.

    EXILE’s sibling group, Happiness, as well as singer Kuraki Mai have also been chosen to represent Japan. From Korea, Super Junior and three other artists will act as representatives, and China will bring in five artists (including Joshi Jyuuni Gakubou) to perform. Source: Tokyohive.



    EXILE ATSUSHI’s solo song which he sang in EXILE ATSUSHI Premium Live ~The Roots~ titled [You’re my “HERO”] will be used for Kracie Home’s hair care product “Bite.” The CM, featuring actress Nakatani Miki, will be aired September 9. Source: EXILE Official website.

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  • EXILE endorses FRAN

    In addition to Makidai x Fran endorsement last couple months, yesterday, the new TVCM with EXILE endorsement has been posted on FRAN website.

    To celebrate Fran’s 10th anniversary, EXILE has been selected to the product endorser.  Airing CM appears to have only HIRO and TAKAHIRO versions which you can find it on Fran website as well as the Making.

    If ~I know~, EXILE’s newest ballad composed by ATSUSHI, has been used for this TVCM.

    Now, it’s time to go grab EXILE x The Original Fran at convenient stores near you where EXILE logo be found on the box.

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  • Anniversary + News

    Yehey it’s Takahiro’s anniversary today!!!!! :D And Wowow showed the live tour a while ago and it was soooooo good. Be sure to download it at Jpopsuki (with a big credit to hikkichan)

    The performances that were shown in Wowow

    • ~PHASE~
    • Everything
    • Change My Mind
    • COLOR -Namida ga Ochinai you ni-
    • JONTE – Yureru-
    • No Other Man feat.NaNa
    • Lovers Again
    • Choo Choo TRAIN
    • Dream Catcher
    • Michi

    To watch more of the performances, wait until the full release of the DVD :D

    Now for the news:

    The J-Wave 2000+7 Concert will be shown in Fuji TV on October 14 at 8:00 – 10:30 pm!!! (I hope someone will record this)

    Takahiro and Hiro will star in a cm of Schick. The cm will feature the song “Touch the Sky” which will be released on November 21

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