• ACE OF SPADES announces debut single “WILD TRIBE”


    ACE OF SPADES announced their 1st single titled: WILD TRIBE.


    Release date: 22/08/2012

    Versions: CD-only | CD+DVD | CD+DVD special packaging + A4 Booklet when ordered from EXmobile or Gdirect.

    2. NOW HERE
    3. 誓い
    4. Just Like Heaven


    1. WILD TRIBE(Music Video)
    2. Making映像







    A4 Booklet coming with CD+DVD special packaging:


    60 second spot:


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  • Happiness debut album announced!

    Title: Happy Time
    Release Date: 20/6/2012
    Versions: CD-Only – UMCK-1421 | CD+DVD (limited edition) – UMCK-9491



    CD Tracklist:
    01. Bigbang Breakout (instrumental)
    02. We Can Fly
    03. フレンズ
    04. Wish
    05. Shining
    06. Spica
    07. Kiss Me
    08. I’m for you
    09. Alive
    10. Magicな…Love
    11. Have A Good Time
    12. Body & Soul
    13. Perfect Smile
    14. Happy Talk



    Happy Talk PV
    Kiss Me PV
    フレンズ PV
    Wish PV
    Really Into You (DJ MAKIDAI feat. Happiness) PV
    We Can Fly PV
    We Can Fly Making-of


    Source: LDHmobile (Thanks to Nanakopy87) + Happiness official website

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  • FLOWER to debut in October!


    EXILE’s sister group FLOWER will officially make their major label debut in October!

    FLOWER will make their major label debut with the song “Still“, which will be released on October 12th. But that’s not all; the group also announced on the 26th that they will be making their debut with nine members rather than four.


    The original members Mizuno Erina, Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami, and Nakashima Mio were known as a “performance group”, and will now be joined by five new members [two new performers and three vocalists]. The girls were chosen through a nationwide audition process titled “EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION3 ~For Girls~“, which occurred this past spring.


    “I feel like my dream is coming true. I think the words ‘inexpressible feeling’ (describe) it exactly,” said leader Mizuno with a smile. When asked about their change from a four member to nine member group, she commented, “Since our personalities are strong, at first there was some confusion. But everybody has big dreams and aspirations, so we settled it while talking about it together.”


    FLOWER also drew attention at the event for their beautiful legs, which they hope will help them stand out as they storm the major label scene with their strong dance performances and vocals, much like Korean idol groups KARA and Shoujo Jidai. When asked if they considered those groups as their rivals, Mizuno cheerfully responded, “Of course! We’d like to be able to perform at a stadium (too).”


    The youngest member of the group is just thirteen years old, while two of the members of FLOWER are still second year students in middle school. Despite their young age, the girls enthusiastically stated,“We want to show you an adult performance where you won’t be able to sense our age!”


    The group has also been added to the lineup for Avex’s a-nation tour. They will perform in Ehime on July 30, Aichi on August 13, Osaka on August 21, and Tokyo on August 27.


    Source: Toykiohive + Tokyograph

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