• Various News: E-Girls’ new single, RIAJ Certification and more

    E-Girls new single

    Title: Follow Me

    Release Date: 3/10/2012


    1. Follow Me
    and 3 other songs not yet announced


    1. Follow Me PV
    2. Follow Me PV Making-of


    Selected members:



    - Ami (Dream)

    - Washio Reina (FLOWER)

    - KAREN (Happiness)

    - Takebe Yuzuna (bunny)



    - SAYAKA (Happiness)

    - YURINO (Happiness)

    - KAEDE (Happiness)

    - Fujii Shuuka (FLOWER)

    - Nakajima Mio (FLOWER)

    - Sato Harumi (FLOWER)

    - Bando Nozomi (FLOWER)

    - Ishii Anna (bunny)

    - Takeda Kyoka (bunny)

    - Yamaguchi Nonoka (bunny)

    - Suda Anna (EGD)

    - Ikuta Risa (EGD)


    RIAJ hard copy sales certifications (July)






    MAYU from Happiness diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis


    It was announced on Happiness‘ official site that a member MAYU has unfortunately been diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis, or mono for short.

    Therefore, 3 stages (Saitama on 8/12, Nagoya on 8/17, and Fukuoka on 8/17) from their tour “Happiness LIVE TOUR 2012 ‘Happy Time’“, will be postponed to October.  The starting stage in Osaka (on August 26th) will be held as planned.

    According to the announcement, MAYU is recovering well.


    Sources: E-Girls Official website | Tokyohive | umpalet@tumblr

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  • E-Girls – Celebration! (Short Version)

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  • Dream – Dreaming Girls (short ver.)

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  • EXILE, J Soul Brothers and E-Girls talk part on Music Fair


    You can watch the performances here.

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  • Performances on EXILE Tamashii (2011.08.28)

    EXILE – Rising Sun



    E-Girls – Nagisa no Sindbad



    Sandaime J Soul Brothers – FIGHTERS



    Sources: 1 | 2

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