• Various News: E-Girls’ new single, RIAJ Certification and more

    E-Girls new single

    Title: Follow Me

    Release Date: 3/10/2012


    1. Follow Me
    and 3 other songs not yet announced


    1. Follow Me PV
    2. Follow Me PV Making-of


    Selected members:



    - Ami (Dream)

    - Washio Reina (FLOWER)

    - KAREN (Happiness)

    - Takebe Yuzuna (bunny)



    - SAYAKA (Happiness)

    - YURINO (Happiness)

    - KAEDE (Happiness)

    - Fujii Shuuka (FLOWER)

    - Nakajima Mio (FLOWER)

    - Sato Harumi (FLOWER)

    - Bando Nozomi (FLOWER)

    - Ishii Anna (bunny)

    - Takeda Kyoka (bunny)

    - Yamaguchi Nonoka (bunny)

    - Suda Anna (EGD)

    - Ikuta Risa (EGD)


    RIAJ hard copy sales certifications (July)






    MAYU from Happiness diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis


    It was announced on Happiness‘ official site that a member MAYU has unfortunately been diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis, or mono for short.

    Therefore, 3 stages (Saitama on 8/12, Nagoya on 8/17, and Fukuoka on 8/17) from their tour “Happiness LIVE TOUR 2012 ‘Happy Time’“, will be postponed to October.  The starting stage in Osaka (on August 26th) will be held as planned.

    According to the announcement, MAYU is recovering well.


    Sources: E-Girls Official website | Tokyohive | umpalet@tumblr

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  • Watch the final day of EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ TOWER OF WISH ~ on Ustream!


    ★For the Users from outside of Japan★
    Sapporo Dome Tour Final Day to be streamed live on Ustream!

    * For more information, please refer to the below page:
    July 1st, 2012 will be the Final day of the EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ TOWER OF WISH ~.
    The tickets of the actual concert are totally sold out
    but this concert will be available to view on Ustream for a special price for fans viewing from outside of Japan.
    LIVE: Sunday July 1st  17:00 – 21:00 (JST)
    Re-broadcast: Monday July 2nd 19:00 – (JST)
    * Tickets can be purchased until July 2nd 19:00. The same ticket can be used for both Live show viewing and re-broadcast viewing.
    * This show will be in Japanese
    * Please note that you will not be able to purchase tickets, nor view this event from a mobile device.
    * Due to copyright reasons, there will be certain scenes during this 4 hours event where sound will not be available.
    The length of these scenes without sound will be approximately 20 minutes in total.Please consider this point before you purchase your ticket.
    * Japanese Yen Exchange Rates
    ■How to buy & Recommended system requirements
    “How to purchase and view”
    (1) You will need to have a Ustream account in order to view this show.
    Follow the steps and create your account from the URL below:
    * Tickets cannot be purchased on this page if you are viewing from Japan. Please purchase your ticket here if you are viewing from Japan.
    (2) If you already have a Ustream account, please log in and move on to the purchase procedure.
    How to purchase:

    ・OS:Windows XP/Vista/7 MacOS ver.10.4 or better
    ・CPU:Windows/Pentium4 2.0GHz or more, MacOS/IntelCPU
    ・Computer Memory:1GB or more
    ・Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer8、Safari3、FireFox3.0 or better and Google Chrome
    ・Flash Player ver10 or better
    ・Internet Connection: High-speed line ADSL, CATV (cable), and optical line will be required.
    * ISDN, and data communications card is not guaranteed behavior even if they meet the recommended environment.
    * We recommend you not to open other applications when viewing. If you use your computer for other tasks (other than viewing Ustream), you may not be able to view the stream properly.
    ■ For your reference:
    Where To Find PPV/ VOD tickets you purchased
    Pay Per View on Ustream  Viewer Support Questions


    Source: EXILE TRIBE channel on Ustream

    Note: Currently you can’t buy tickets because of a country restriction problem. It will probably be fixed soon. Problem fixed. You can now buy tickets.

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  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan + Photos

    EXILE won Best Video of the Year for Rising Sun
    Sandaime J Soul Brothers won Best Pop Video for FIGHTERS

    E-Girls also appeared and performed at the show




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  • Random News – April 2012

    RIAJ Hard Copy Sales Certifications:


    Gold: Go my way – Sandaime J Soul Brothers

    Platinum: EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no Tower~ – EXILE


    Ace of Spades Project:


    It has been announced that the special collaborative project by TAKAHIRO (Vocal/EXILE ), HISASHI(Guitar/GLAY ), TOKIE (Bass/LOSALIOS,unkie ) and MOTOKATSU MIYAGAMI (Drums/NO NO NO,THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS ), named ‘ACE OF SPADES‘, has started their activities.

    They already opened their official website, but so far no specific details have been revealed except their unit name, members, and preview of their song from TOYOTA WISH’s TV CM starring AKIRA (EXILE).



    EXILE’s 7 Big Announcements:

    EXILE promised to announce 7 big news on 14th April. Here they are in order:


    1. EXILE Cup 2012
    2. KENCHI & TETSUYA will perform in ATTACK No. 1
    4. A play from MAKIDAI
    5. USA’s DANCE EARTH project
    6. Sandaime J Soul Brothers will have their first arena tour in autumn
    7. Ace of Spades (mentioned above)


    Recently released:

    E-Girls – One Two Three


    Will be released:


    Love – 100 Nen Go no Kimi ni
    Happiness – We Can Fly


    Sources: Tokyohive – EXILE Official Facebook page.

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  • E-Girls – Tadaima! PV (Short ver.)

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