• EXILE gets their first documentary film


    The popular music group EXILE will appear in their first documentary film, titled "EXILE PRIDE." The movie is set for a limited theatrical run, starting on February 5.
    "EXILE PRIDE" takes a behind-the-scenes look at the group, especially its leader HIRO. As HIRO explained, the group hopes that the movie can express their "thoughts" and "beliefs" that they can’t express through their works and live performances. The documentary will start with their activities around March 2009, when they merged with J Soul Brothers and became a 14-member group.
    The movie is being directed by Koichi Makino, who is also handling composition, cinematography, and editing. To capture everything, Makino even accompanied HIRO on the performer’s overseas trips to places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Hawaii.
    EXILE had a big year in 2010, including a stadium tour that drew an estimated 1.1 million people and their third consecutive win at the Japan Record Awards. They recently announced five major projects for 2011, not including this movie.


    Source: Tokyograph

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  • USA makes film debut

    EXILE member USA (32) has been cast in his first movie. He will play the male lead in “Kyoto Uzumasa Koimonogatari,” a project being co-directed by Yoji Yamada.

    The film is a collaboration between the studio Shochiku and Ritsumeikan University, where Yamada is a guest professor. The project was first announced in October 2007 with the goal of developing new talent for the industry. 22 students were involved in the movie, which started shooting last month.

    “Kyoto” is a love story set in the city’s Uzumasa district. The protagonist is a young woman played by actress Hana Ebise (23). USA plays her love interest, an aspiring comedian whose family runs a tofu shop.

    Theatrical release is scheduled for spring 2010

    Congratulations!!!  So far, nearly half of EXILE members were casted in small and big screens.  I wonder who will be next.

    Source : Tokyograph

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  • MATSU rides the waves in “Long Caravan”

    EXILE member Toshio Matsumoto (34), better known as MATSU, has been given the lead role in the movie “LONG CARAVAN,” scheduled for release this October. MATSU has some acting experience with “Gekidan EXILE,” but this will be his first acting role in a film.

    Appearing under his real name, Matsumoto will play the comical main character, an unemployed surfer who takes a road trip with his friends, meeting and parting with various people along the way. One part of the story involves him making a bold confession to a girl with whom he falls in love at first sight.

    MATSU, who suffers from deteriorating eyesight due to Behcet’s disease, frequently serves as the “comedian” among EXILE’s members. With that cheerfulness, he was chosen to take on the starring role in “LONG CARAVAN.”

    Having no experience in surfing, MATSU trained extremely hard for two weeks. With a strong sense of balance attained through dance, he was quickly able to ride the waves.

    Go Shichitaka (“Top Caster,” “Meitantei no Okite”) is directing the movie. Miki Fujimoto, Shigeru Izumiya, Jay Kabira, Mika Mifune, and Chisato Morishita will also appear in the film.

    Source: Tokyograph

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