• New Drama GTO 2012 Receives Good Ratings


    AKIRA of EXILE stars in Fuji TV’s remake of Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO). The first episode of the series received ratings of 15.1% helping AKIRA boost in popularity. Some netizens are saying his acting is even better than the previous Onizuka portrayed by Takashi Sorimachi. The first episode received higher ratings than child actress Mana Ashida’s new series Beautiful Rain who raked in only 12.1% on July 1st.

    Takashi Sorimachi portrayed Onizuka in the 1998 GTO. The 1998 series averaged an amazing 28.4% viewership rating over the 12 episodes that aired. Many people had said AKIRA plays the perfect Onizuka with his darker skin tone and tall build. Along with EXILE’s popularity in Japan, many fans of the group will continue to support the new GTO.



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  • EXILE TRIBE to sing GTO theme song titled 24karats TRIBE OF GOLD



    According to Japanese fans who took photos of GTO’s promotional trucks, the theme song is 24karats TRIBE OF GOLD by EXILE TRIBE. It’s uncertain who is meant by EXILE TRIBE but I believe them to be EXILE, Nidaime/Sandaime J Soul Brothers and DOBERMAN INC.


    You can hear the song in this GTO press conference video we posted earlier



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  • EXILE AKIRA attends press conference for upcoming drama “GTO”

    On June 22nd, EXILE’s AKIRA attended a press conference for the upcoming Fuji TV drama ‘GTO‘, which will be airing every Tuesday at 10:00pm starting from July 3rd. This drama is based on the popular manga series of the same name by Fujisawa Toru that was serialized from 1997 to 2002 in ‘Weekly Shounen Magazine’. The drama adaptation in 1998 starring Sorimachi Takashi became one of the popular drama series.

    This new drama series will include the episodes from ‘GTO -SHONAN 14DAYS-‘; the new “GTO” series, which was serialized in 2009 to 2011, features stories about bullying, conflicts with parents, love, abuse, dreams for the future, and more happenings at school and home.

    AKIRA, who had read an original comic and will be playing his first lead role in the drama series, stated, “I am not excessively eager, but to be straightforward, I am happy. I want to meet the expectations of everyone to play the role as I am.” He also stated on his role, “Everyone told me I look like him, and I also think he’s a bit of a perverted character, but his pure heart is similar to mine.”

    GTO stands for ‘Great Teacher Onizuka’, and AKIRA explained himself that ‘JOA’ stood for “Jitsu wa Onchi na AKIRA” (“In reality, AKIRA is tone‐deaf”), causing the cast and press to laugh.

    Takimoto Miori, who is playing the heroine ‘Fuyutsuki Azusa’, stated, “At the beginning, I thought my character was a student, but it’s a teacher. I’m doing my best to come across as a teacher.” Kuroki Hitomi, principal ‘Sakurai Ryoko’, stated, “Every time, I am impressed by Onizuka teacher’s well‐phrased remarks. I’m like ‘It’s true!’ as parents, not as my role as a principal.”

    Other cast members who attended the conference include Yamamoto Yusuke as ‘Saejima Toshiyuki’ (Onizuka’s friend and police officer), Shirota Yu as ‘Danma Ryuji’ (Onizuka’s friend and manager of a cafe), Tayama Ryosei as the head teacher ‘Uchiyamada Hiroshi’, Takachi Noboru as the music teacher ‘Hashimoto Tetsuo’, Takizawa Saori as health teacher ‘Moritaka Naoko’, and Yano Masatoas mathematics teacher ‘Teshigawara Suguru’.



    Updated with a video featuring a new EXILE song. Could this possibly be GTO’s theme song?



    Source: Tokyohive

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  • Live-Action GTO Remake Confirmed with EXILE Member AKIRA


    The producers of the GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka live-action television series remake confirmed on Wednesday that EXILE band member AKIRA will star in the series. AKIRA replaces Takashi Sorimachi as the title character in the remake of the 1998 drama. Both live-action versions are based on Tohru Fujisawa’s original school comedy manga about a former gang member who becomes an unorthodox teacher.

    20-year-old actress Miori Takimoto (Higanjima) will play the heroine Azusa Fuyutsuki, and 51-year-old Hitomi Kuroki (20th Century Boys, Dark Water) will play Sakurai Ryoko, the principal who believes in Onizuka’s teaching abilities. 26-year-old Yuu Shirota (The Prince of Tennis) will play Ryuji Danma, a friend from Onizuka’s biker gang days who now lives with him. Students in Onizuka’s "Class 2-4" will be played by Haruna Kawaguchi, Shō Takada, Shintarō Morimoto and Taishi Nakagawa [FLOWER’s Nozomi Bando, Gekidan EXILE’s Suzuki Nobuyuki and GENERATION’s Alan Shirahama will be among the students too.] 24-year-old Yūsuke Yamamoto and 60-year-old Ryōsei Tayama round out the cast; Yamamoto will play the part of Toshiyuki Saejima, policeman and bad influence on Onizuka, while Tayama will play Hiroshi Uchiyamada, the loud-mouthed vice-principal and Onizuka’s nemesis. The series will premiere in July on the Fuji TV network and will run on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m.



    Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

    Official website: http://www.ktv.jp/gto/

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  • EXILE AKIRA to take the lead in GTO drama remake?

    According to Nikkan Sports, 4 days after dropping Jin Akanishi as Teacher Onizuka, EXILE AKIRA was chosen as the lead for the remake of the 1998 popular drama GTO.


    Some people involved with the production said the original manga author wanted someone with a wild atmosphere so they chose AKIRA.


    If Nikkan Sports is to be believed, this will further AKIRA acting career.


    Source: Nikkan Sports.

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