• Watch the final day of EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ TOWER OF WISH ~ on Ustream!


    ★For the Users from outside of Japan★
    Sapporo Dome Tour Final Day to be streamed live on Ustream!

    * For more information, please refer to the below page:
    July 1st, 2012 will be the Final day of the EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ TOWER OF WISH ~.
    The tickets of the actual concert are totally sold out
    but this concert will be available to view on Ustream for a special price for fans viewing from outside of Japan.
    LIVE: Sunday July 1st  17:00 – 21:00 (JST)
    Re-broadcast: Monday July 2nd 19:00 – (JST)
    * Tickets can be purchased until July 2nd 19:00. The same ticket can be used for both Live show viewing and re-broadcast viewing.
    * This show will be in Japanese
    * Please note that you will not be able to purchase tickets, nor view this event from a mobile device.
    * Due to copyright reasons, there will be certain scenes during this 4 hours event where sound will not be available.
    The length of these scenes without sound will be approximately 20 minutes in total.Please consider this point before you purchase your ticket.
    * Japanese Yen Exchange Rates
    ■How to buy & Recommended system requirements
    “How to purchase and view”
    (1) You will need to have a Ustream account in order to view this show.
    Follow the steps and create your account from the URL below:
    * Tickets cannot be purchased on this page if you are viewing from Japan. Please purchase your ticket here if you are viewing from Japan.
    (2) If you already have a Ustream account, please log in and move on to the purchase procedure.
    How to purchase:

    ・OS:Windows XP/Vista/7 MacOS ver.10.4 or better
    ・CPU:Windows/Pentium4 2.0GHz or more, MacOS/IntelCPU
    ・Computer Memory:1GB or more
    ・Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer8、Safari3、FireFox3.0 or better and Google Chrome
    ・Flash Player ver10 or better
    ・Internet Connection: High-speed line ADSL, CATV (cable), and optical line will be required.
    * ISDN, and data communications card is not guaranteed behavior even if they meet the recommended environment.
    * We recommend you not to open other applications when viewing. If you use your computer for other tasks (other than viewing Ustream), you may not be able to view the stream properly.
    ■ For your reference:
    Where To Find PPV/ VOD tickets you purchased
    Pay Per View on Ustream  Viewer Support Questions


    Source: EXILE TRIBE channel on Ustream

    Note: Currently you can’t buy tickets because of a country restriction problem. It will probably be fixed soon. Problem fixed. You can now buy tickets.

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  • EXILE Live Tour 2011 to be released in March

    According to Amazon.co.jp, EXILE Live Tour 2011 Tower of Wish ~Negai no Tou~ will be released in 14 March. The tour will come in DVD and Blu-ray formats. The DVD format has two versions: one with 2 disks and the other with 3 (probably a bonus disk Making-of disk.) There are no information of the tracklist or the cover yet.


    Update: mumo seems to have two Blu-ray versions too. The other disk is believed to be a Making-of disk.


    You can pre-order them from Amazon: 2DVD | 3DVD | Blu-ray

    and EXILE Live Tour 2010 Fantasy will have a blu-ray release of its own in 14 March as well: Blu-ray

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  • “OKAXILE” makes an appearance at EXILE’s Tokyo Dome concert

    On December 11th, Okamura Takashi of comedian duo Ninety Nine made an appearance at EXILE’s live concert, “EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no Tou~“, at Tokyo Dome.

    The last time Okamura appeared on EXILE’s live was back in August 2007 at Tokyo Big Sight. It’s been 4 years since the return of “OKAXILE“, so the crowd of 50,000 fans were at the climax of their excitement.

    After dancing as a part of E-Girls and EXPG Kids Dancers, Okamura forced his way onto the stage during EXILE’s charity song, “Rising Sun“, in a security officer costume. In closing, the group presented an outstanding performance of “CHOO CHOO Okamura TRAIN“.

    Footage from this concert will air on Fuji TV’s “Mecha ×2 Iketeru! Special” on January 7th.

    Furthermore, on January 1st, EXILE will release their new album, “EXILE JAPAN“, and ATSUSHI will release his first solo album, “EXILE ATSUSHI /Solo“.




    Source: Tokyohive

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  • Weekly Chaku-Uta Full Chart for 09/28~10/04 + More info on EXILE tour

    The Recording Industry Association of Japan (or ‘RIAJ’ for short), has just released the combined weekly download chart for the week of September 28th to October 4th!

    The RIAJ works together with most of the digital and mobile download portals in Japan, including recochoku, music.jp, mu-mo (Avex), oricon ME and many more. They then collect their weekly download numbers for the time span from Wednesday to Tuesday.

    This ranking, therefore, includes data from all major download portals and should give you an even better idea of which songs and artists are popular right now.

    Check out the September 28th ~ October 4th’s ranking below!


    < Chaku-Uta Full – Weekly Ranking >

    01/(05) “Rising Sun” – EXILE
    02/(00) “STEP” – KARA
    03/(04) “Flying Get” – AKB48
    04/(00) “Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese Ver.)” – T-ARA
    05/(01) “Ai wo Tomenaide” – Koda Kumi
    06/(06) “CRAZY FOR YOU” – Kylee
    07/(03) “Zutto Kimi to…” – INFINITY 16 welcomez TEE & hiroko from mihimaru GT
    08/(02) “Because… ~Anata ga Ita~ feat. Noa” – LGYankees
    09/(69) “B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)” – Tohoshinki
    10/(07) “Kazoku ni Narou yo” – Fukuyama Masaharu
    11/(00) “i hate you” – ISSA × SoulJa + ROLA
    12/(00) “Michi” – The Sketchbook
    13/(09) “Itsuka Kitto…” – EXILE ATSUSHI
    14/(19) “Hyakuman-kai no ‘I Love You’” – Rake
    15/(38) “Boku no Takaramono” – Cyclamen
    16/(15) “Kimi Janakya duet with Yasuda Nao” – KG
    17/(00) “Back to Tomorrow” – Tohoshinki
    18/(13) “progress” – Hamasaki Ayumi
    19/(39) “MR.TAXI” – Shoujo Jidai
    20/(21) “secret base~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~” – ZONE


    The RIAJ release the collected data in form of a ranking for full digital songs (chaku-uta full) every Friday. You can find the complete Top 100 for this week here.



    EXILE Live Tour [Wish of Tower] Logo:



    You can see the schedule here.


    Sources: Tokyohive | LDH official website

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  • EXILE LIVE TOUR 2010 FANTASY tops the DVD charts



    The DVD charts this week went to EXILE, whose "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2010 FANTASY" sold over 274,000 copies. This is their new personal record for first-week DVD sales, surpassing the 223,000 copies sold by their 2009 release "EXILE LIVE TOUR 2009 THE MONSTER."


    Source: Tokyograph

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