• Random News – April 2012

    RIAJ Hard Copy Sales Certifications:


    Gold: Go my way – Sandaime J Soul Brothers

    Platinum: EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no Tower~ – EXILE


    Ace of Spades Project:


    It has been announced that the special collaborative project by TAKAHIRO (Vocal/EXILE ), HISASHI(Guitar/GLAY ), TOKIE (Bass/LOSALIOS,unkie ) and MOTOKATSU MIYAGAMI (Drums/NO NO NO,THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS ), named ‘ACE OF SPADES‘, has started their activities.

    They already opened their official website, but so far no specific details have been revealed except their unit name, members, and preview of their song from TOYOTA WISH’s TV CM starring AKIRA (EXILE).



    EXILE’s 7 Big Announcements:

    EXILE promised to announce 7 big news on 14th April. Here they are in order:


    1. EXILE Cup 2012
    2. KENCHI & TETSUYA will perform in ATTACK No. 1
    4. A play from MAKIDAI
    5. USA’s DANCE EARTH project
    6. Sandaime J Soul Brothers will have their first arena tour in autumn
    7. Ace of Spades (mentioned above)


    Recently released:

    E-Girls – One Two Three


    Will be released:


    Love – 100 Nen Go no Kimi ni
    Happiness – We Can Fly


    Sources: Tokyohive – EXILE Official Facebook page.

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  • MAKIDAI joins the cast of ZIP!


    On Monday, NTV revealed three of the daily personalities for the new weekday morning show “ZIP!” that begins on April 1, replacing “Zoom In!! SUPER.” It was already known that the main hosts will be announcer Masu Taichi (29) and talento Sekine Mari (26), but they will be joined by a daily rotation that includes TOKIO’sYamaguchi Tatsuya (39), EXILE’s MAKIDAI (35), and Neptune’s Harada Taizo (40).

    For Yamaguchi, MAKIDAI, and Harada, this will be the first time that any of them has served as a personality on a news show.

    Their assigned days are not yet known, and the remaining two people in the rotation will be revealed at a later date.


    Source: Tokyograph

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  • Again: MAKIDAI chosen as the image model of EMPORIO ARMANI


    Actor Maki Daisuke(35), also known as MAKIDAI and member of popular group EXILE, was chosen once again this year as the image model for Italian fashion brand EMPORIO ARMANI.

    He was the first Japanese male to represent the brand, as all previous Japanese image models before him have been women (actresses Miyazaki Aoi in 2008 and Kuroki Meisa in 2009). In reaction to being chosen for the second year in a row, MAKIDAI commented, “I want to become more polished to be able to wear these clothes with style.”

    Designer Giorgio Armani praised MAKIDAI, saying, “He’s young and strong, and full of energy.” The famous designer also stated that the actor/performer’s metropolitan style and good looks make him“perfect” to represent the brand. Beginning in mid-March, the Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign photos will be featured on an outdoor billboard over Tokyo shopping district Omotesando’s biggest intersection, as well as in various fashion and lifestyle magazines.


    Source: Tokyohive

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  • EXILE’s MAKIDAI is back on “Telephone Shocking”!


    On monday December 27th, EXILE memberMAKIDAI will finally make his return on “Telephone Shocking” after a year-long hiatus.

    “Telephone Shocking” is a corner on the music variety show, “Waratte Iitomo!“, and MAKIDAI has been scheduled to be a guest performer.

    The last time he was on “Telephone Shocking” was back in December 22nd, 2009.


    Source: Tokyohive

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