• J Soul Brothers reveals short version of [Refrain] PV



    Source: Avex Youtube channel

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  • More information about J Soul Brothers’ new song

    40-second preview:



    Promo pic:



    Credit: imaichiakko Youtube channel | haganemishi & miikochii @ 6Theory forums.

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  • EXILE charity song to be shown today on TBS!

    On July 16th, EXILE will be releasing their charity song “Rising Sun” via Chaku Uta to help with the Tohoku Earthquake disaster relief efforts.

    Vocalist ATSUSHI (31) says that the song will be a dance number and the lyrics will reflect their wish for the disaster-struck area to be restored. The song will be shown for the first time through TBS’s “Ongaku no Hi” on the 16th. It’s expected to have a CD-release in September.

    Source: Tokyohive

    You can listen to the preview here.

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  • A short version of Happiness’ new single [Wish]

    Happiness Official channel has uploaded a short version of the PV


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  • Charity song title announced!

    EXILE have announced more information about their charity song, written by member ATSUSHI. The song is titled [Rising Sun] a dance song and it’s going to be released on September (no exact date announced.)

    Source: EXmobile

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