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  • ACE OF SPADES announces debut single “WILD TRIBE”


    ACE OF SPADES announced their 1st single titled: WILD TRIBE.


    Release date: 22/08/2012

    Versions: CD-only | CD+DVD | CD+DVD special packaging + A4 Booklet when ordered from EXmobile or Gdirect.

    2. NOW HERE
    3. 誓い
    4. Just Like Heaven


    1. WILD TRIBE(Music Video)
    2. Making映像







    A4 Booklet coming with CD+DVD special packaging:


    60 second spot:


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  • Random News – April 2012

    RIAJ Hard Copy Sales Certifications:


    Gold: Go my way – Sandaime J Soul Brothers

    Platinum: EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no Tower~ – EXILE


    Ace of Spades Project:


    It has been announced that the special collaborative project by TAKAHIRO (Vocal/EXILE ), HISASHI(Guitar/GLAY ), TOKIE (Bass/LOSALIOS,unkie ) and MOTOKATSU MIYAGAMI (Drums/NO NO NO,THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS ), named ‘ACE OF SPADES‘, has started their activities.

    They already opened their official website, but so far no specific details have been revealed except their unit name, members, and preview of their song from TOYOTA WISH’s TV CM starring AKIRA (EXILE).



    EXILE’s 7 Big Announcements:

    EXILE promised to announce 7 big news on 14th April. Here they are in order:


    1. EXILE Cup 2012
    2. KENCHI & TETSUYA will perform in ATTACK No. 1
    4. A play from MAKIDAI
    5. USA’s DANCE EARTH project
    6. Sandaime J Soul Brothers will have their first arena tour in autumn
    7. Ace of Spades (mentioned above)


    Recently released:

    E-Girls – One Two Three


    Will be released:


    Love – 100 Nen Go no Kimi ni
    Happiness – We Can Fly


    Sources: Tokyohive – EXILE Official Facebook page.

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  • Various News: Adidas, RIAJ certification and social game characters

    Takei Emi and EXILE attend “adienergy” event for Adidas


    On November 17th, actress Takei Emi (17) attended a press event for the announcement of Adidas’ new sportswear, “adienergy”.

    In addition to the appearance of this young actress, EXILE members MATSU (36), USA (34), andTETSUYA (30) also attended this event. Takei revealed at this announcement that, “I actually often walk outside in jerseys,” thus showing her interest in the new clothing line. She was then even taught various stretch techniques by the three members of EXILE and commented, “I should do this before any crucial event,” and her eyes shined along with this comment.

    With the Chunichi Dragons and Fukuoka Softbank (professional baseball teams) competing in theJapan Series on this day, Takei revealed she is a big fan of the Chunichi Dragons. However, her senior at her agency Ueto Aya (26) is the star figure for numerous Softbank endorsements so the reporters could not help but ask Takei at this event, “What would you say to her if the Chunichi won?” She then responded, “Don’t ask me a such mean question~” and answered this inquiry nervously.




    RIAJ certification:



    “Rising Sun” – EXILE : 2011/09/14


    EXILE’s AKIRA & TAKAHIRO become image characters for social game, “Seiken Kerberos”


    On November 21st, EXILE’s AKIRA and TAKAHIRO attended a CM presentation event for GREE’s social game, “Seiken Kerberos“.

    AKIRA, who was rumored to be in a relationship with actress Nagasawa Masami, was asked about his Christmas plans. He responded, “Our concert is near so I want to spend an enjoyable time with the members.” When TAKAHIRO added a follow-up by saying, “I want AKIRA-san to open up his schedule to go on a date with me,” AKIRA laughed and said, “Out of respect, I’ll excuse myself into TAKAHIRO’s room.

    “Seiken Kerberos” is a card battle RPG that allows players to go on various adventures to build up the strongest force. The first series of the CM will come in two parts: “AKIRA” and “TAKAHIRO”. It portrays AKIRA and TAKAHIRO as heavily-armed courageous swordsmen who prepare for battle.

    For the game’s CM, TAKAHIRO challenged himself to try sword battles and horse riding for the first time. He commented, “I was very scared, but I tried my best not to show my frightened expressions.” Meanwhile, AKIRA, who has personal experience with those two skills, said, “I practiced by watching wonderful acting.” TAKAHIRO added, “He is quick-witted and is very capable. I grew impatient while watching him getting filmed.

    The new CM for “Seiken Kerberos” will broadcast starting November 25th. You can watch a preview of it along with the event here.





    Source: Tokyohive

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  • EXILE’s [Rising Sun] to be the theme song for (Birdman Contest 2011)!

    On August 16th, it was announced that EXILE’s charity song “Rising Sun” will be used as a theme song for the 19th broadcast of Nihon TV’s program “Birdman Contest 2011”.

    “Rising Sun” was written by member ATSUSHI (31), who sought to express his wish for the rapid recovery of areas afflicted by the Tohoku disaster. In addition, member TAKAHIRO (26) will participate in this program as the team supporter of “Tohoku University windnauts”, a group that hails from Miyagi Prefecture.

    TAKAHIRO will visit Sendai before the competition and witness the damage done by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Afterwards, he will be running side-by-side with the boats. Regarding his thoughts as the team supporter for the Tohoku University team, he said, “I am glad to be their supporter,” after looking at their ‘flight’ as birdmen.


    Source: Tokyohive

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