• EXsub Returns

    As I have promised, to celebrate our forum’s 1st anniversary (EXILE Fantasy Land) and blog’s 2nd anniversary (EXILE LOVE), we are bringing back the fansub group for EXILE, EXsub.

    Sorry for another long wait for a release because our main problem is lack of translators.

    Short videos are already released. Get the videos here in our forum. Even if you are unregistered you can still download the file provided you replied on every post. Please read the Rules / FAQ before asking any questions.

    Thank you for all your support these past 2 years. (it’s already been that long huh?)

    PS: For those who are interested to buy my EXILE stuff for sale, I’m really willing to negotiate the prices as I need some extra cash xP The prices written on that sales post is not the final price. It is still negotiable. I am willing to lower those price until we can agree to the price that both satisfies both parties XD

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  • EX-IT Version 1

    The website now is updated with new layout, new sections and anti-spam protection for comments (because I’m really pissed off cleaning spams for this blog)! Hopefully, we can add fully launch this fanblog soon.

    Please continue to support EX-IT and EXILE!!!

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