• This is a J Soul Brothers post!

    NINKI ratings for the next week:



    Short clip of J Soul Brothers at A-Nation:



    Sources: 1 | 2

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  • Motto Tsuyoku PV

    Avex uploaded the full version of the PV on their YouTube channel:

    First press is still availabe on CDJapan CD | CD+DVD

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  • [EXsub] EXILE at Sanma no Mamma

    Another EXsub release. Get this at [info]exsub

    To join, see this post

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  • EXILE on HEYx3 (07.08.13)

    YAY! EXsubs is finally done with the first project! Sorry for the delay. It was actually mostly MY fault as I have been lazy busy doing nothing ‘stuff’. Well anyway, I wont spoil anything :lol: There was not much Atsushi/Takahor moments but the two hosts, as usual, is picking on Akira :twisted:


    07.08.13 EXILE Talk + Toki no Kakera on HEY!HEY!HEY! [HARDSUBBED]


    Translator: makira
    Timer/Editor: glacial
    Typesetter/QC: hotSUSHI
    RAW Provider: Nermal of Jpopsuki Trackers

    Please do not post this anywhere. I already uploaded it on my Dailymotion account so if you cant watch it, click HERE

    Look Forward to our next project Making of Everything & Lovers Again PV. You can check the progress of our subbing project in the EXsub main page

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  • Channel-a

    OKKAAAYYYY since I’m not done typesetting HEY HEY HEY, I thought I should post this. Latest EXILE video on Channel-a

    Credits to: Lemonia

    ALSO! Someone finally uploaded Shun-chan’s Saigo no yoru PV

    Credits to Doobie
    Just wanna apologize again! I’ll finish it hopefully this week lol

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